We are The Bunch.

This joint right here is one of the hottest blends of stylez, bends and presses ever. With out any requirements defining a whole new genre of skiing.

We got a family of artists, skiers and producers put together.

And by combining their talents and gifts developed way beyond our previous far out trip.

We took the rarest ingredients, mixed them and fused it.

And now we are giving it to you all so you can gain from it and use it.

We're just gonna let our man with the words, Hannes Tomani, explain this shit:

A season spent in places like, the deep forest in northern Sweden, sun-drenched California, Stockholm's cold December streets and Oregon's secret rope lifts with a bunch of skiers who have chosen their own path. Although their skiing might not fit your taste, dedicate half an hour to The Bunch and give them a chance to present their different state of minds presented as one. If you do not like what you see, it does not matter, The Bunch is not for everyone. In the same way that an untrained eye can not see the details, a person with lack of insight into skiing can't understand skiing to its fullest. But if you put your mind in an abstract state and get ready to take in what was born when Liam Downey took a bunch of Swedish guys on a trip into the woods, you will increase the ability to understand the feeling that The Bunch conveys.

Far out. -Mr, 2much$

The Bunch & Far Out Swedish article

Swedish article on The Bunch & Far Out

We bought a car, it broke down. We fixed it, kind of. We allmost made it to the place we headed for, we ran out of gas. We filled it up and finally we are back where it all started, in Kiruna. In a small ass appartment whith too much gear and not enough money, We out here, stacking shots